Quick Facts

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I have worked as a blacksmith since 1983.

I have participated in numerous private and group exhibitions, both in Finland and abroad.

I have won awards in Germany in 1991, Poland 1997 and in England 1999.

Training and lecturing tasks in the field in Finland and abroad, since 1987.

I have held positions of responsibility in various educational committees and organisations.

I was the presenter of the award for the 2008 National handiwork entrepreneur



With the aid of the work and forging of a blacksmith, metal structures are able to be brought to life in their own way. Hot adapted steel, different connection methods, rivets, links, piercings and the other specific techniques of forging can already, as small detailed parts, give, otherwise simple destinations, the impression of individuality and skillful design. Therein, where the traditional forging work fascinates the audience with its wasteful and abundant form, the master blacksmith nowadays forges delicious little details with the anvil and, using it with caution, gives the work the stamp and nature of handiwork and quality.

I design and prepare forging works for constructions and interior decoration. Gates, railings, fireplace accessories, weathercocks, sculptures. The materials that I use are steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze. I also make restorations and repairs to old metal artifacts.